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Okay I’ve seen this critism of her a lot but personally I think that’s EXACTLY why she’d make such a fucking amazing companion. I think one thing that’s been forgotten about Doctor Who in the recent era of witty, “sassy” ladies with guns is that not everyone knows they’re strong. Not everyone has the kind of confidence Clara has (which in my opinion is just because she’s not fleshed out enough to be anything but confident, but that’s another argument for another day).

I’m tired of one-dimensional strong women. I WANT to see a woman who’s first reaction is “Doctor save me”. And THEN, I want her to grow and realize she can save herself, hell even save him. Because that’s what Doctor Who is supposed to be. Discovering the strength in yourself, an ordinary girl. Not impossible, not after waiting. Just a regular, dorky, anxious young woman who finds her own courage. 


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